Youtuber Explains Why The CyberTruck V/S F150 Pulling Competition Was Not Fair

Yes, we all have seen the infamous video where Tesla’s Cybertruck is pulling in an F-150. But, just how accurate is that video?

This Is Why Cybertruck Pulling F-150 Was Not Accurate

Tesla’s announced Cybertruck has been a whirlwind of controversy. Whether Elon Musk’s demo is flopping or the ridiculous angular design, or the terrible name, people haven’t been kind the Cybertruck. And yet Elon Musk shared the video where Cybertruck pulls an F-150 on his Twitter account.

Not very long ago, F-150 was seen in a video pulling a million pounds. That kind of explains the purpose of Elon Musk conducting this experiment: to prove the Cybertruck is better than the F-150.

However, many have claimed that the experiment was a dishonest publicity stunt. Neil deGrasse Tyson jumped in too. Neil has said that the video made no sense. Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained, explains in detail what was wrong with Tesla’s truck pulling contest:

What do you think?

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