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    This Smart Sensor Sticks Like A Band-Aid To Monitor Your Health

    Stanford engineers have come up with a new kind of wearable technology that has been named BodyNet. BodyNet picks up the physiological signals coming from the skin. This unusual technology is comprised of wireless sensors that can stick just like band-aids and beam readings to a receiver. BodyNet is the brainchild of Zhenan Bao, who […] More

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    The Deadliest Lab-Made Biological Threats We Aren’t Ready For

    Clade X is a lab-grown, deadly hybrid of influenza. But its creators borrowed some some of the genetic code from the Nipah virus. Clade X first appeared up in Germany and Venezuela. After spreading for a year, 150 million people were dead. Fortunately, Clade X isn’t real. It was part of a simulation from US government officials to […] More