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    Food expiration dates not backed by science

    Food expiration dates around the world are not backed by science and are contributing to unnecessary food waste. Stopping food waste is top of mind right now during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Especially because the public worries about our food supply chains. Even before COVID-19, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) issued […] More

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    Why are oil prices negative?

    Oil prices are negative, say headlines everywhere. How is that possible? Oil prices aren’t actually negative–but it’s a great headline. How oil is priced is very complicated. So here’s a simplified analogy that will give you the big picture. Pretend oranges are SUPER important to modern society. (An orange a day…) Every day, if you […] More

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    N95 Face Mask Protects Against Coronavirus, Study Says

    A N95 face mask may protect against coronavirus–at least to some degree. A certain type of face mask effectively protects doctors and nurses from catching coronavirus (COVID-19), the viral disease that has infected more than 80,000 people since December 2019. Consumers can also buy these face masks protect against, though global supply shortages have occurred. […] More

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    Considering all the nuclear waste, why is nuclear power considered clean?

    Nuclear energy is a very misunderstood topic. Issues include the risk of meltdowns, radiation, and how to store nuclear waste. Why do some people think that nuclear power is clean, considering all the waste? Because the numbers are very clear. “All the waste” from nuclear is still much less wasteful than burning fossil fuels. Here’s […] More

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    Australia’s Devastating Wildfires Seen from Space

    Satellites in space can spot changes to Earth’s climate, and they are providing frightening bird’s-eye views of the wildfires in Australia. The wildfires burning in the Australian states of New South Wales and Victoria began in November 2019, and they continue to pose severe safety and environmental problems. NBC News reported that thousands of Australians fled […] More

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    The Deadliest Lab-Made Biological Threats We Aren’t Ready For

    Clade X is a lab-grown, deadly hybrid of influenza. But its creators borrowed some some of the genetic code from the Nipah virus. Clade X first appeared up in Germany and Venezuela. After spreading for a year, 150 million people were dead. Fortunately, Clade X isn’t real. It was part of a simulation from US government officials to […] More

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    60-Year Mystery About Van Allen Belts Solved By Students

    Finally, scientists have solved a 60-year-old mystery about Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts, thanks to a tiny orbiting satellite and students at the University of Colorado Boulder. Published in Nature, the study looked at the source of high-energy electrons in Earth’s inner radiation belt. The Van Allen belts are two large belts of radiation that surround […] More

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    You Must Change Your Passwords Immediately

    The Internet doesn’t come with a safety harness. If you are using online commerce (which is nearly everyone), there is always some risk of a security breach–and even identity theft. Now, security researchers have discovered an enormous spam list–containing over 710 million email addresses. Uncovered by Benkow, a Paris-based security researcher, this is the largest […] More

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    [DECODED] Those Mysterious Laundry Symbols

    Ever wondered what those symbols on your garments mean? They’re actually standardized symbols for garment care. Here are some of the basics: There are many variations, but once you learn the basics, it’s fairly self-explanatory. It helps to keep in mind the different things that you can do to your laundry: wash, bleach, dry, iron, or […] More

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    World’s Smallest Cellphone Needs No Battery

    Your iPhone has a low battery again? Engineers at the University of Washington may have created a battery-free cell phone that uses power from ambient radio signals–and which doesn’t require any conventional battery to make calls or perform any other basic cellphone functions–including SMS texting. Say goodbye, iPhone battery! The researchers managed to pull this […] More