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Free Tesla Model S Plaid from Omaze

Want a free Tesla? Here’s your chance to win a free Tesla Model S Plaid through Omaze. The winner gets a total package worth almost $150,000 (with cash to pay taxes included!).

Tesla Model S Plaid

A Free Tesla is too good to be true. Right? WRONG!

The Tesla Model S Plaid is the top of the line consumer vehicle from Tesla Motors. The Tesla Model S incredibly high-tech interior features a sleek 17” infotainment display and gaming capability for every passenger. So, you’ll never be bored on a long drive again.

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Tesla Model S Plaid interior view

Once, people regularly complained about the range of electric cars. The Tesla Model S has a 400-mile range, which is comparable to most gas-burning passenger vehicles. So, you’re completely road-trip ready.

In a hurry? Don’t worry, you’ve got a 1,020-hp electric engine on your side that can go a quarter-mile in under 10 seconds. And that’s pretty accurate. The Model S is fast. Real fast. The Model S can accelerate from 0-60 miles per hour in under 2 seconds. Which is how the model gets its name.

What does the Plaid mean? That’s just part of Elon Musk’s quirky humor. It’s a vague reference to the Mel Brooks comedy “Spaceballs!” In that movie, when something goes too fast, it “turns to to plaid.” Youtube is filling up with reaction videos of unsuspecting passengers getting a ride in a Model S Plaid. Try not laugh!

With a free Tesla? Yeah, we’d totally do that to our friends too.

Not Exactly Free, But No Purchase Necessary

The Omaze free Tesla contest isn’t exactly free though. Internet fundraiser Omaze is running it. While no purchase or contribution is necessary to enter the contest, proceeds from the contest will benefit a good, charitable cause. REVERB partners with musicians, festivals and venues to green their concerts, while engaging fans face-to-face at shows to educate us about important environmental and social issues.

Where do I enter? Win a Tesla Model S Plaid from Omaze

The contest ends on December 11, 2021.

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