Honda Cybertruck Clone Looks Better Than Tesla’s

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Honda has released its own version of the Tesla cybertruck. The first two trucks roll off assembly lines in 2022, named the e:NS1 and e:NP1. Built by Honda’s two local joint ventures (Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda), these new trucks iterate on the current Honda HR-V subcompact crossover. Effectively, the same electric car has a new shell inspired by Tesla.

The Honda cybertruck features hulking, monolithic proportions and sharp edges. Honda recently unveiled the vehicle in Guanzhou. The China Auto Show YouTube channel released a walk-around video of this cybertruck knock-off. And yeah, we think it looks better than Tesla’s version.

Honda buffed out the rough edges of Tesla’s cybertruck design and made the frame more visually. Frankly? The designers made the vehicle look futuristic, but without the blocky, angular edges that feel like the truck drove right out of the original 1980s Bladerunner.

Oddly enough, Honda arrived late to the cybertruck cloning game. Months ago, Edison Futures already released another cybertruck clone. Their truck inspires more modern, American consumer tastes about what a truck should look like.

The Edison concept vehicle presents as something that’s at least drivable. The open truck bed improves the closed-frame cybertruck–Earthlings probably care about having an actual functioning truck for hauling and carrying.

So, why do car companies keep pushing out these cybertruck clones? Elon Musk’s Tesla released the cybertruck as a concept vehicle–something that only existed in science fiction. Other vehicle companies want to show that they can play at the bleeding edge. And with Chinese manufacturing capabilities to quickly put out a low-quality clone, those companies can keep themselves in the electric vehicle concept game.

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