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A Tesla Speed Record: Model S Plaid Scores Big

Add another Tesla speed record to the trophy case. This time? The speed record for unmodified consumer vehicles.

Tesla Model S Plaid on a track in Germany

New Tesla Track Record

Recently, the new Tesla Model S Plaid was tested for its speed at the world-famous Nürburgring test track. The Model S turned out to be more efficient than expected. It broke the speed test record that exists for unmodified electric vehicles. This Model S Plaid set a new world record for an unmodified production vehicle with a time of 7:30.909, going 103.35 mph (166.320 km/h), at the Nürburgring track.

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Elon Musk, who is an active Twitter user. Elon constantly tweets about news associated with Tesla. Recently, he wrote that “Tesla Model S Plaid just set an official world speed record for a production electric car at Nürburgring. Completely unmodified, directly from factory.”

More Tesla Upgrades on the Way

Also, the Tesla CEO said that all his electrical vehicles will have modifications for aerodynamic upgrades done to them. Track tires and carbon brakes will significantly enhance vehicle performance. The upgraded Model S could even outpace its new record at the German track that some people call “the Green Hell,” according to Teslarati.

So far, this Tesla Model S record marks the furthest goal of high speed and efficiency for Tesla. The price of the Tesla Model S Plaid is currently around $129,990 (not including incentives). Tentatively, the new version of the Tesla Model S will begin deliveries in early 2022.

This speed record is only a stepping stone for Tesla as it has huge plans for the future in the industry of sustainable and environmentally friendly means of transportation.


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