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    Mysterious Monolith Found in Utah Desert

    A Utah helicopter crew found a mysterious monolith in the Utah desert. No one knows what the shiny metal object really is, how it ended up there, or who did it. A Monolith in the Desert While supporting the Division of Wildlife Resources in surveying the wild bighorn sheep in southeastern Utah, teammates of a […] More

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    Life on Venus? Evidence Discovered in Atmosphere

    Life on Venus was thought to be impossible. The Venusian atmosphere swirls with thick carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid and the temperature on the surface can melt lead and steel. But scientists recently discovered something unexpected: a chemical signal on Venus that hasn’t been seen before. And the gas may signal that alient life has […] More

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    India Coronavirus Cases Are Exploding

    India coronavirus cases increase daily, and the situation may soon be uncontrollable. Researchers recorded 25 million cases of coronavirus, according to the Johns Hopkins. More than 850,000 people worldwide have died from COVID-19. The U.S. Response: Worst in the World? In the U.S., nearly 6 million people are infected with the virus and the death […] More

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    Youtuber Explains Why The CyberTruck V/S F150 Pulling Competition Was Not Fair

    Yes, we all have seen the infamous video where Tesla‚Äôs Cybertruck is pulling in an F-150. But, just how accurate is that video? Tesla’s announced Cybertruck has been a whirlwind of controversy. Whether Elon Musk’s demo is flopping or the ridiculous angular design, or the terrible name, people haven’t been kind the Cybertruck. And yet […] More