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Taliban Takes Afghanistan in 9 Days

Afghanistan taken by Taliban in 9 Days

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In a surprising turn of events the Taliban has taken Afghanistan quicker than a family game of Monopoly. Just a few days ago US intelligence was saying the Taliban could take Kabul in 90 days. They did it in 9 days.

Taliban takes Afghanistan in 9 days

Three Afghan officials told The Associated Press that the Taliban were in the districts of Kalakan, Qarabagh and Paghman in the capital. After 20 years and billions of dollars it appears the US and NATO training of the Afghan Security Forces was a lost cause. Recently, the Taliban has taken Kabul and Afghan President Ghani has relinquished power.

The Taliban took their first provincial capital on August 6th and had Kabul by today, August 15th. As the Taliban sets up an interim government the countries Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal said there would be a “peaceful transfer of power”. Before the speech, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid told the BBC, he confirmed there were talks about a peaceful transition of power.

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Speed at which Taliban took Kabul shocks intelligence analysts

Soldier in Afghanistan
Afghanistan/ Kunduz August 2012 Photo: Tobias Köhler / mediendenk – Passau

Recently, the speed of the push shocked many and  raised questions about why. Last week, the Afghan forces crumbled quickly despite 20 years of US training and billions spent. How did the Taliban take Afghanistan so quickly? No one knows.

However, one belief is the Afghan Security Forces laid down arms when the Taliban offered compensation. The Afghan forces had gone months without pay and supplies from the Afghan government. It’s not hard to understand why they’d be unwilling to fight and would easily lay down arms.

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For the US, 2,500 US military troops dead and 1,700 US contractors lost. For Afghanistan, 47,000 Afghan civilians, 66,000 Afghan military and police and 51,000 Taliban troops lost.

After the 9-11 Terrorist attacks, Americans were angry and wanted justice for the attackers. While some in Congress recommend caution, the Bush Administration saw opportunities in the crisis. They encouraged an expensive, protracted war. Now, some are already calling Afghanistan the new Vietnam.

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