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  • Taliban Fighters
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    Taliban Saved Americans from Terrorist Attack

    Hours before the U.S. withdraw from Afghanistan the Taliban saved Americans from a terrorist attack. They stopped a bus rigged with explosives headed toward Kabul airport. According to an unnamed U.S. citizen on the bus, after the stop Taliban soldiers forced passengers off the bus. After that, soldiers said it was rigged with explosives. There […] More

  • Military in Afghanistan


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    Taliban Takes Afghanistan in 9 Days

    In a surprising turn of events the Taliban has taken Afghanistan quicker than a family game of Monopoly. Just a few days ago US intelligence was saying the Taliban could take Kabul in 90 days. They did it in 9 days. Taliban takes Afghanistan in 9 days Three Afghan officials told The Associated Press that […] More

  • Amazing Pulsar

    Strange Places: Top 5 Strange Places in the Milky Way

    Space has some strange places and the Milky Way is no exception. These 5 barely begin to scratch the surface. Read on to learn more about some of the weirdest strange places in our galactic back yard. Strange Place: Blackhole Graveyard Palomar 5 is a globular cluster 65,000 light years away from Earth that orbits […] More