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Watch How You Can Lock A Door Using Only A Dinner Fork

There’s a long-running myth about how you can lock a door with fork or two forks. It sounds like a nifty life hack. Who knows when you’ll need to lock a door to protect yourself from an ax murdered? Now, I’ve tried it myself–and I’ve never been able to work. There has to be something else to.

Finally, the mystery is solved. Phil Crocket has a nifty fork-lock solution for you that requires some strength, a fork (and a door). Watch the video to learn the trick:

Okay, okay. I think it’s pretty unrealistic–who is going to have time to cut a fork with some heavy-duty tools when the Scream killer is coming at you? BUT, the enterprising person might be able to use two forks. The critical part seems to be in binding the tines of the fork that goes in the door locking. We haven’t tested it yet. Do you know of a better way? Let us know!

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