February 2018

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    Watch this Rubik’s Cube on Fire!

    So you can solve a Rubik’s cube. But can you solve a Rubik’s cube on fire? Tony Fisher is a Rubik’s cube enthusiast. He uploads Rubik’s cube videos to his YouTube channel with some twists. What do we mean? He recently solved a Rubik’s cube made out of ice. Now, he’s back. With a Rubik’s […] More

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    Heart Disease Can Be Predicted Through Eyes Using Google AI

    Google’s AI can predict a person’s heart health just by observing their eyes. Research was conducted by scientists from Google and its health subsidiary, Verily. Google and Verily used machine learning software to analyze medical data from almost 300,000 patients’ eyes in UK and US. The Google AI algorithm scans the back of the patient’s […] More

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    Did the FBI Leave a Backdoor In Your iPhone?

    Is the FBI hacking into every iPhone? An unknown person posted a screenshot of (unconfirmed) source code to Github. The screen purportedly shows common OS X boot code. The computer code, written in C, contains a “suspicious” line: PROFILE_ENTER(“FBI”); Some people seem to think this allows the Federal Bureau of Investigation to bypass security measures […] More